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'Within us all exists incredible joy and excitement. We can get in touch with this joy and excitement by healing our birth at a cellular level.'


 "I wanted a rebirth because I needed a radical change in my life.
I've suffered from depression, anxiety, severe social phobia and
a general lack of will to live for over 20 years.

I have done rebirthing twice before doing it with Marianne ...

I had never come across 'rebirthing' until meeting Marianne through a mutual friend. It sounded interesting and since I like to give most things a try. I've never considered I'd had a 'difficult birth' - despite being breech, which must of course have been uncomfortable for my poor Mother!
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Marianne Friend - Intuitive Rebirther / Breathwork Practitioner 

You can be enjoying the healing power of 

Conscious Connected Breathwork 

which is known in the West as Rebirthing for short 

Workshops & Events

A One-Day Intro to Rebirthing - Sunbury on Thames, 

 further dates are comming soon so let us know your prefered dates

Marianne Friend giving a rebirthing breathwork session  

Rebirthing has many, many benefits because it affects all areas of your life - the mind being behind everything we create or don't create in our lives. It particularly helps with the following:

  • healing 'your child within';

  • Rebirthing opens up and frees your breath; 

  • it heals birth and childhood patterns which may well be affecting your life unconsciously;

  • it lifts you out of anxiety and depression; 

  • it frees up your emotions; 

  • it helps you feel good about your sexuality and resolve any relationship issues/blocks you may have; 

  • Conscious connected breathwork gives you vastly improved confidence and general high self-esteem; 

  • enhances your ability to communicate easily & without blame 

  • rebirthing helps you feel connected and at peace 

  • At One with the power of achieving your life's purpose.

All the above will, naturally, lead you to good health on all levels.

As well as Rebirthing Sessions Marianne also offers the healing power of human touch with an Intuitive Massage Therapy and Aura Healing.

In recent years she has organised groups to swim with a wild dolphin and is in the process of researching a new venue for future trips.